Graphic Organizers

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Updated at January 22nd, 2024

Argument and Text Evidence


Brainstorming to Choose a Claim


Burger Chart


Cause and Effect


Characterization Chart


Claim Counter Claim


Compare and Contrast


Detail Wheel


Essay Outline


Events Web


Fact Tracks


Five Elements Story Organizer


Five-Paragraph Essay Frame


Five Questions


Five Senses Map


Flower Pot Map


Four Square


General Essay


Literary Analysis Organizer


Narrative Train


Notes, Sources, and Integration


Opinion, Support, and Evidence


Paw Print Web


Personal Narrative Ladder


Personal Narrative Map


Persuasive Writing Map


Planning for Literary Analysis


Planning Hierarchy


Plot Diagram


Research Essay Planner


Research Record


Section by Section Planner




Step by Step




Story Outline


Story Pyramid


Story Starter


Textual Evidence


Venn Diagram


What Support