Providing Teacher Feedback

Written By Jonathan Crosby (Super Administrator)

Updated at September 8th, 2022

In addition to the immediate feedback that the PEG scoring engine provides for every draft on the six traits of writing, Writing Practice provides teachers the opportunity to choose when to provide their own targeted feedback.

1. To provide feedback, on the Home tab in the Recent Student Activity list, click on the Date of an essay that you want to view.

2. The student Score Report is displayed, and you see the inline grammar and spelling feedback that the PEG scoring engine has given the student.

  • Now you can add your own feedback as well, in the form of comments within the body of the student’s essay.

Above the essay title is a row of icons.

3. The highlighter icon allows you to show or hide any highlighted areas the student may have added to the essay.

4. The double speech bubble icon allows you to show or hide the PEG feedback.

5. The single speech bubble icon allows you to leave a comment directly within the student's writing.

  • Highlight text in the essay where you want to make a comment, then click on the single speech bubble icon.
  • The text is highlighted in yellow, and a comment box appears.
  • Add a comment.
  • Click the X to close the comment box. When the student logs in and opens their score report, they’ll be able to see your comment by clicking on the comment icon in the yellow highlight within their essay.

6. You can also comment on any spelling or grammar errors that the PEG scoring engine may have missed by clicking on the Red S or Green G in the row of icons.

Feedback options are available for Cited Sources information as well.

Below the Writing Analysis on the student’s Score Report are two additional areas where you can give the student a score, up to 3 points, and provide feedback, if you choose.

There is an area for Textual Evidence, where you can comment on how well the student included information from a source, such as an article or video.

And there is an area for Content Accuracy, which is especially well-suited for writing across the curriculum.

  1. To give the student a score in each area, click on one to three stars.
  2. Add a comment for each, if you choose, by clicking on the Edit button to the right and entering a comment in the corresponding Evaluation field.
  3. When you click Save for those score areas, the student will see the scores and feedback on their score report.

At the bottom of the student’s Score Report is the Messages area.

  1. If the student has sent a message, you can read it and respond to it, or you can leave a general message for the student.
  2. Click Post Message to send.