Editing an Existing Course

Written By Jonathan Crosby (Super Administrator)

Updated at September 8th, 2022

As a School Administrator, you can edit the properties of an existing course.

  1. On the Courses tab, scroll down the Manage School page to the Courses section.
  1. You can search for a course by typing any portion of the course name or course code in the search field.
  2. Click on the Course Name displayed in blue text.
  1. On the Manage Course page, you can edit the Course Details.
  • Course Name: as displayed for teachers, students, and on reports
  • Grade: the grade level assigned to the course
  • Status: active or inactive for teachers and students
  • User Avatar: enables or disables the avatar feature for students
  • Course ID: not required and can be edited (Not to be confused with the Course Code)
  • Teachers: can be added or removed from the course
  1. Click Save.